Herring Gut Learning Center workshops for teachers and educators

Herring Gut Professional Development Institute offers multi-day training courses on providing instruction that naturally integrates science, English language arts, math, and social studies. You’ll have fun learning how you can teach your students the joy of science and math. The proximity of our campus to a working harbor, historic lighthouse, and tidal beach also provide us with ample opportunities and options for incorporating “the Maine coast” into our training programs.

Summer 2021 Courses


Fresh to Salt: Flowing Together                                                                                            For Teachers in the Kennebec Watershed Cohort

June 20 – July 2, 2021

Location: Herring Gut Learning Center Campus in Port Clyde, Maine

We are all connected through our water resources –water runs downhill and we all live in a watershed. Learn about the abiotic, biotic, and cultural aspects of your local watershed and the broader region that supports it. Create a sense of stewardship in your students regarding their vital freshwater resources. You will walk away with a variety of lessons, taught both in the classroom and in nature, connecting your students to their local watershed and beyond.


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Introduction to Aquaponics: Dynamic STEAM for the K-8 Classroom

July 7 – 9th, 2021

Location: Herring Gut Learning Center Campus in Port Clyde, Maine

Aquaponics is the cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environment.  A combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, aquaponics pairs fish and plants in one integrated system.  Fish waste provides a food source for the growing plants and the plants provide a natural filter for the water the fish live in.  This creates a sustainable ecosystem where both plants and fish can thrive.

Aquaponics is a fabulous vehicle for teaching students core STEAM subjects like math, basic chemistry, biology, and art. Students can study fish, plants, and bacteria all in the interacting ecosystem of your classroom aquaponic system. You will learn all the science you need to deliver hands-on educational experiences for your students in water chemistry, the nitrogen cycle, fish anatomy, and plant biology. Classroom lessons are yours to take home! Only your imagination limits the extended ways you can stretch this knowledge into meaningful classroom content.

The Workshop Includes: 2.5 days of hands-on teacher training in aquaponics using Herring Gut’s small-scale commercial aquaponics greenhouse and hatchery as your laboratory. You will leave with qualitative and quantitative experiences that are replicable in any setting. Attendees will join a network of program participants through which HGLC educators will provide support after the program.

At This Workshop You Will:

  • Learn how the current role of aquaculture is used to feed our growing population and how aquaponics can be used to teach your students about ocean sustainability and protecting our fisheries and ecosystems
  • Use Project Based Learning to integrate real world problems and scenarios into a curriculum filled with hands-on lesson plans that will engage students in learning about the nitrogen and water cycles, fish anatomy, and plant life cycles; all the while building on critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving and self-management skills.
  • Set-up and take home your own classroom aquaponics kit.  A complete recirculating aquaculture system with tank, filters, planting media and water quality testing kit, that will change the way you teach science.
  • Enjoy a relaxing and informative nature cruise or kayak paddle on Muscongus Bay.

Course Fee: $550 tuition inclusive of classroom aquaponic kit, student lesson materials, 3 continental breakfasts, and 2 lunches as well as an on the water nature boat or kayak tour. $100 deposit to required to reserve your space.  Lodging is available within the St. George community and nearby towns of Thomaston and Rockland. For questions about lodging resources, please contact us.