Herring Gut Learning Center’s Marine Science Programs

Herring Gut Learning Center offers many education programs designed to spark and further interest in aquaculture and marine science. Explore our selection!


2021 Summer Student Internship 

Who: Eligible students are 15-19 years of age, and have participated in at least one of Herring Gut Learning Center’s Middle School Year-long Science Programs through Oceanside Middle School and St. George MSU (formerly School of Roots and Long Line Kelp Growers). If positions remain available, students that have participated in Herring Gut Programing through the NOVA program will also be considered. All applications are due by May 30, 2021.

What: The Summer Student Internship Program occurs 2 days/week, 6 hours each day, for 8 weeks in the summer. Student Interns will join the staff at Herring Gut in operating the aquaponics and saltwater systems, planting, caring for, harvesting and selling greenhouse produce, conducting community tours, and hosting community learning opportunities such as saltwater creature touch tanks. Interns will work alongside Herring Gut staff, as well as in independent teams.

Where: Interns will be working at the HGLC main campus within Port Clyde on the St. George peninsula.

When: The Summer Student Internship Program 2021 will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays;  June 28, 2021 – August 18, 2021; hours of 8:30am – 2:30pm

Why: The Summer Student Intern program focuses on assisting interns with development of foundational work readiness, communication, teamwork, problem solving and leadership skills. Individual goals will be determined between the HGLC staff and the intern. Experiences in aquaponics, gardening, and public interactions will be included. Community guests will provide sessions on money management, resume building, interviewing, and more. Student Interns may choose to be paid $12.15/hour, receive community service hours, or a combination of the two.

How: Eligible students must complete and return an application by May 30, 2021


Herring Gut’s Intensive Marine Science Programs for Middle School

Herring Gut’s Middle School Intensive Program provides a year-long science program to students of RSU 13 and the St. George Municipal School. Students are involved in hands-on experiential learning including a micro-business model utilizing our on-site aquaponics system, salt-water lab and lobster pound for growing kelp. The curriculum aligns with Next Generation Science Standards with a focus on understanding the various water ecosystems, inhabitants, influences and effects of changing the climate.

Herring Gut Learning Center - NOVA outing

Oceanside High School
NOVA Alternative Education

Herring Gut provides a year-long science program to students of RSU 13 NOVA PROGRAM. NOVA students have personalized learning plans that focus on credits, career aspirations, and postsecondary preparation. Learning is done in a family atmosphere so that students can discuss problems, build resources and resolve issues. Flexible schedules and experiential learning support individual needs. Students also receive guidance with life choices after high school: what do they want to do, what they can do, and how they are going to do it.


Oceanside Middle & High School
Gifted and Talented Program

Students in the GT program exhibit high performance capability in an intellectual, creative, or artistic area or excel in a specific academic field. These students come to Herring Gut for a short science related course designed to meet the interests of the groups. Examples are microplastics in the Gulf of Maine and Remote Operated Vehicles for water exploration.


Short Courses

These learning experiences are designed with the same hands-on philosophy that permeates all of our programmings. Programs can be presented in your classroom, at our facility in Port Clyde, or in the field. We are also happy to work with you to personally tailor a program to meet your specific needs. Programs can range from a one day experience to multiple sessions


Summer Camps

In the face of the continuing pandemic, the challenges remain in how we could operate safely given the exploratory nature of our summer camp. Camp without van rides to coastal locations, boat rides to Allen Island and activities in our limited indoor space, would not be Herring Gut Learning Center camp. We have made the decision to not hold our Marine Science Summer Camp in 2021. We plan to hold community programming on our campus in a safe manner for local families. More information about this programming will be posted soon on this website and social media.

Take care. Be safe. Be well. And above all else, continue to be kind to each other and our world.

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Alumni Program

Herring Gut Learning Center is in its second year of staying connected with former students through our Alumni Program. These students have been meeting frequently allowing them to stay connected, get academic assistance, volunteer in the community, and try new activities.  Alumni program students may only attend these days if they maintain good behavior, attendance, and grades. This program allows students to have more support as they transition into high school and develop their post-high school plans.



Internship candidates can expect to gain valuable marine science experience, teaching, and leadership skills. The Summer Camp Marine Educator Interns will help manage Herring Gut’s summer camp, with program, education, and administrative responsibilities. The goal of the summer camp program is to inspire young people to explore, discover, and learn about Maine’s marine resources through the unique hands-on Herring Gut experience. Other internship opportunities are available, please contact us to discuss your area of interest and we can discuss if it fits our current needs.