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Herring Gut Learning Center continues to find ways to engage our students on-campus and with remote learning.

In addition to our on-campus activities, we create lessons and find valuable virtual learning resources to share. These resources focus on environmental science and marine science related topics; we strive to find a mix of content that engages students through hands-on activities and screens always encouraging them to spend time outside in nature.

Beach Clean Up and Art Project!

A family beach clean up and art project is a great activity anytime of the year.  Feel free to share your art creations with us!

For more information on how we can stop plastic pollution from killing wildlife and suffocating our planet visit https://www.take3.org/

In 2018, Blue Ocean Society volunteers spent 4,670 hours cleaning up beaches in from southern Maine to northern Massachusetts. They collected 146,186 pieces of litter, which totaled 11,684 pounds. Visit http://www.blueoceansociety.org/beachcleanup/ to learn more.

Rain Gauge Activity!

Make a Rain Gauge from Science Buddies is a great way to repurpose recyclables that so many of us are not able to recycle right now, as well as make the most out of the next rainstorm, in terms of learning! Make this simple rain gauge and compare rainfall over different storms – learn about intensity of rainfall and time of storms by utilizing local meteorological data in conjunction with your rain gauge.

Natural Dyes!

People have been dyeing fabric and fibers with plants for thousands of years, and you can too! In fact, chances are that you have plenty of plant material in your garden, refrigerator, and pantry to do just that. There are many viral videos on plant dyes and we thought it would be a fun activity to try and share with all of you!

Leaf Activities!

7/13 – 7/17  No matter where you are, there are always leaves available! You can use leaves you find outside or those found in the refrigerator or on house plants.

Leaf Activities created by Kerry Wixted from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for all ages.  Enjoy these informative and fun activities!

Beach scavenger hunt!

7/6 – 7/10    Head to a nearby beach and do a beach scavenger hunt! You can design a board for your local species.

Below is an example from the Blue Ocean Society for New Hampshire beaches.